Leather is a semi-crucial resource item in RUST and is acquired through two standard collection methods. It is considered a core resource due to player reliance on using it for standard progression.

The primary purpose of leather is its utility for creating early and late-game armor sets. While it is also used to craft Rug Bear Skins for comfort and Saddle Bags for added horse storage, it is most needed and prized for its part in the creation of Metal Facemasks and Metal Chest Plates. 

Gathering leather is relatively straightforward. It is most commonly collected while players are attempting to farm Low-Grade Fuel. It is a skinning byproduct, only taken from the carcasses of animals. Chopping up humanoids will not result in leather being acquired.

Alternatively, players can acquire leather by recycling items made with leather.

Craftable items that require Leather

Item Information
Short Nameleather
Item DescriptionLeather from an animal. Used in many clothing items and more.
Default Stacksize1000