Large Hunting Trophy

The Large Hunting Trophy is a deployable display item in RUST, used to showcase and display a variety of unique items and collectibles on their walls for other players to see. Players can acquire displayable items by using a DLC-exclusive Skinning Knife to harvest the remains of players and animals.

How to get a Large Hunting Trophy

The Large Hunting Trophy is a DLC-exclusive blueprint that is available only to those who purchase the Base Decor Pack: Frontier from the RUST Item Store. It will appear in your crafting list after purchasing it.

  • It doesn’t appear on the tech tree and cannot be researched
  • It doesn’t drop from crates or NPCs as loot
  • It does not require a workbench to craft

How to use the Large Hunting Trophy

Players may deploy the Large Hunting Trophy on wall structures in buildings with building privileges.

As a byproduct of this open storage racking method, locks can not be placed to safeguard your displayed Head Bag. Still, building privileges will stop non-authorized players from removing the item otherwise. 

Hovering your cursor over a Trophy Display (small or large) and pressing the E key when “Open” appears will result in a small loot container box on the screen. 

Players may drag their desired Head Bag to the open slot. If the contents are of appropriate size, a “Mount” button will appear. If not, a non-matching head will appear.

Pressing the Mount button will cause the head to be displayed proudly, with a counter added to the display for the number of similar Head Bags you’ve inserted. 

Alternatively, press the “Trash Can” icon to remove all Head Bag trophies. Doing so will result in them being lost forever, but a new trophy may now be inserted. While a head is displayed within the Large Hunting Trophy, only those with building privileges may add or remove trophies.

Upon its destruction, any Head Bag deployed is immediately destroyed along with the hanging trophy mount itself.

Large Hunting Trophy inputs

The following Head Bags may be inserted into the Large Hunting Trophy:

Currently, Gingerbread Men, Scarecrows, and Zombies cannot be harvested for Head Bags.

Item Information
NameLarge Hunting Trophy
Short Namehuntingtrophylarge
Item DescriptionA large trophy stand to mount the head of killed animals or enemies.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time20
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
image of rust woodWood x150