L96 Rifle

The RUST L96 Rifle is a high-damage, highly accurate long-range rifle virtually unmatched in distanced combat in RUST.

Due to its severe damage and slow refire, this rifle typically fills the role of a sniper and needs to be paired with the 8x Zoom Scope or the 16x Zoom Scope.

As you need to be firing from a sniper’s perch, there isn’t much point in applying a silencer to an L96. As well as your high visibility, your range leaves a much wider trail of bullet tracer that players can use to determine your location.

However, the extended range gives value to several other tools for the L96, namely the attachable Weapon Lasersight and the Tactical Gloves. Either one of these items will significantly reduce weapon sway and improve stability.

While this isn’t hugely noticeable on short-range automatic weapons, weapon sway is a massive disadvantage when you’re looking down a scope.

Along with reducing weapon sway and improving your range, it is necessary to adapt to bullet drop. You can practice firing on battle tags servers, but nothing replaces trying to use the L96 rifle on a live server.

The L96 is unique to every other gun except perhaps the M249 in that, with the appropriate ammo, it has virtually no drop in PVP scenarios.

Confirmed combatlogs validate that it may tag the Patrol Helicopter up to 1500 meters without issue. It cannot be crafted and is obtained exclusively through elite crate types and drops from Bradley APC, the Patrol Helicopter, and heavy scientists.

The L96 rifle accepts the following bullet types:  5.56 Rifle AmmoExplosive 5.56 Rifle AmmoIncendiary 5.56 Rifle AmmoHV 5.56 Rifle Ammo.

While potentially devastating, L96s are not a good option for Auto Turret defense systems. Other players will be attracted like moths to a flame for an opportunity to shoot out the turret for a free, highly prized weapon.

Ammo used by the L96 Rifle

RUST L96 Rifle Skins

Item Information
NameL96 Rifle
Short Namerifle.l96
Item DescriptionA military grade high powered, long range rifle with great accuracy.
Default Stacksize1