The Kayak is a player-deployable boat in RUST. Using this small, paddle-operated boat, a single player may deploy and traverse the water with up to one passenger. 

Diving straight in, the Kayak is a small, two-person raft that players can craft and deploy on the open seas as an alternative to the small motorboat or RHIB. Instead of requiring a fuel source, players must use the Paddle. Players then use Right or Left mouse button clicks to produce a forward thrust directionally appropriate to the button clicked. If a player were to spam nothing but either button, they would simply flounder around in a circle. They may be picked up with a Hammer at the cost of half remaining durability.

Kayaks can drop as loot from an assortment of crate types and many varieties of scientists. Additionally, they may be purchased directly from fishing villages at the relatively low cost of 50 Scrap, or can be crafted by players that have learned the blueprint via the tier 1 workbench tech tree.

The Kayak was first made available to the community with the rollout of the September 2020 update.

Item Information
Short Namekayak
Item DescriptionAn improvised wooden kayak. Seats two and requires a Paddle to operate.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level1
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item clothCloth x50
image of rust woodWood x200
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x75

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