The Jackhammer is a unique type of Ore gathering tool in RUST. It requires no fuel to operate but takes consistent durability loss while being used to hit nodes or any other entity.

The jackhammer is by far the preferred method of gathering ore by seasoned players. It will consistently hit the bullseye when farming nodes, making them virtually melt into your inventory. It is on sale exclusively at the Outpost for the low cost of 150 Scrap.

There is a chance of finding a jackhammer from toolboxes or supply drops.

It is the soft-side raiding tool of choice for those wishing to eco-raid their neighbor. 

You can take several steps to improve your ore-gathering gameplay when farming. Combine your jackhammering with drinking an ore-gathering tea. Doing this just once with a Pure Ore Tea will significantly increase the speed at which you can fill your furnaces.

RUST Jackhammer Skins

Item Information
Short Namejackhammer
Item DescriptionA Pneumatic Jackhammer to blast through ore nodes. The sheer power of this device requires no aiming as all weak spots will be instantly destroyed. Works well on human flesh. Can be refilled at a Workbench.
Default Stacksize1

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