Industrial Combiner

This item is currently in testing and not a part of the release game. Information on this item is likely to change frequently as testing progresses.


The Industrial Combiner is a deployable item in RUST used to source and combine materials within the Industrial Crafting system. This item is currently only available on the Aux2 staging branch and is not a part of the release version of the game.

Basic functionality of the Industrial Combiner

Players may deploy industrial combiners on nearly any surface in locations where they possess building privilege. The primary function of the combiner is to perform the same combining task as a standard Fluid Combiner, utilizing crafting resource inputs instead of water. These resources may then be combined using an Industrial Crafter to produce the desired blueprint or rerouted into an appropriate storage container with a Storage Adaptor attachment to retain the materials in their respective forms.

Electrical inputs

At current, the use of a Wiring Tool and electrical input is not currently required to operate the industrial combiner. This is subject to change, pending alterations made by the game developer. The tooltip information currently lists power usage as 1.

Industrial interfacing

When utilizing the Pipe Tool, the industrial combiner possesses 3 different Industrial In ports, combining those materials for either crafting (see above) or as a simple passthrough (when not routed through an industrial crafter) via the single Industrial Out port.

Means of acquiring an Industrial Combiner

Currently, the industrial splitter is craftable via the Work Bench Level 1, requiring 20 scrap to research directly, or 250 scrap to tech tree unlock.  It may also be found in medium to high tier crates.

For more information, check out our guide on the RUST Industrial System for a full overview.

Item Information
NameIndustrial Combiner
Short Nameindustrial.combiner
Item DescriptionCombines three separate industrial connections into one connection.
Default Stacksize5

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