Ice Throne

The Ice Throne is a promotional Chair skin (but individually spawnable via F1 console) made available to players through the purchase of the Ice King Pack on the general item store. This item became available during the Season’s Beatings! 2022 event and can be purchased for $ 6.99 USD. The ice throne comes bundled with the Ice Metal Facemask and the Ice Metal Chest Plate

Functioning exactly as a standard Chair would, although, with a larger placement box radius, the ice throne is a deployable item that you can craft at a workbench if you’ve obtained the steam item. Sitting in a chair gives the player 100% comfort status, faster health regeneration, and slower food and water consumption.

While it’s not too challenging to acquire comfort with Stone Fireplaces, Rugs, and other players, it can be slightly more difficult for solo players or groups playing in confined spaces. A chair can be invaluable for quickly pushing a player up to 100% comfort in these instances.

Chairs have a tiny health pool and can be destroyed quickly with melee tools and faster with explosives. As such, they don’t make great blocks to place to counter raiders.

Other than comfort, players enjoy having chairs for roleplay purposes, resulting in some exciting skins being available for the chair. Ice Thrones fit into this realm burrrrfectly.


Item Information
NameIce Throne
Short Namechair.icethrone
Item DescriptionEvery home needs a chair. A decorative item which provides comfort while seated.
Default Stacksize5