Human Skull

A Human Skull is a byproduct item in RUST and is used in the creation of very limited items, spawnable via the F1 console. Players may only acquire it by chopping up the remains of a player or catching them with a Handmade Fishing Rod. Depending on the cleaver used to do this, there is a chance that the named skull of that person might be retrieved. Some players keep the skulls of people they’ve raided as trophy souvenirs, sometimes even trading them with other players for goods, while others crush them for 20 Bone Fragments and turn them into Bone Knives.

With the release of new seasonal items, the skulls of players that are named (those spawned via F1 are without owner) may be placed in base decorations and embroidered with a nameplate. Things like the Skull Trophy and Skull Spikes are a great way to liven up the most festive of houses.

Craftable items that require Human Skull

Item Information
NameHuman Skull
Short Nameskull.human
Item DescriptionA human skull.
Default Stacksize1