Horse Saddle

The Horse Saddle is a purchasable item at any Large Barn or Ranch monument on procedural maps. Check out our Stables Guide for a more in-depth description of the Large Barn and Ranch and how you can benefit from these monuments.

When bought from a Stables Shopkeeper for 75 Scrap, a player may examine every horse at the purchase location and select any horse available in a stall.  Holding the E key and selecting claim while the horse saddle is in your inventory will make that horse mountable and property of the player.

Once a player leaves the Barn or Ranch, the purchased horse may be killed, ridden (or stolen) by any other RUST player on the server.

Item Information
NameHorse Saddle
Short Namehorse.saddle
Item DescriptionHaving this item allows you to claim a horse in a stable by holding E and selecting the "Claim" option
Default Stacksize1