Hockey Mask

The RUST Hockey Mask is a full head covering armor piece in RUST.  It is a direct reskin of the Metal Facemask, having precisely the same defensive statistics and characteristics, and was added to game files during the Halloween Event in October of 2022. It is the premier ‘kit’ head covering and isn’t normally substituted for an alternative, even in the arctic biome. This mask is available for a limited time on the Limited in-game store.

Visually both stunning and borderline horrifying, the hockey mask looks like something straight out of the movies. Wearing this around feels like a mix of Hannibal Lecter and Jason Voorhees.  

The hockey mask operates in the same way that Improvised Balaclavas and Coffee Can Helmets do.  Due to the nature of sniper fire, the projectile damage reduction provided by all metal facemask variations/skins makes it the must-have armor piece for those seeking PVP. While the Heavy Plate sets grant higher projectile protection bonuses, the speed reduction and limited visibility scope make them more suited to base defense.

Item Information
NameHockey Mask
Item DescriptionA protective facemask which provides the user with excellent head protection from all forms of attacks.
Default Stacksize1

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