Hemp Seed

RUST Hemp Seeds are used to grow Hemp Plants, which players can harvest the seeds from, along with cloth, which is used in crafting. Hemp Plants are found across the map or in player-made farms.

Facepunch added notable improvements to the seed system as well as clones and farmable berries in the Mixing Table Update on August 6, 2020.

Hemp Seed is created through the picking of a natural Hemp Plant. Hemp Seeds are identical to Hemp Clones in every way (except not having genetics) and can be grown in the ground, in Large Planter Boxes, or in Small Planter Boxes. Better genetics result in better yield, which will provide more Cloth when harvested.

Item Information
NameHemp Seed
Short Nameseed.hemp
Item DescriptionHemp seeds can be found when picking wild Hemp. These seeds can be planted in the ground and grown to collect additional cloth. Planting these seeds in a planter, and then watering them with large quantities of water yields significantly more cloth and faster groth.
Default Stacksize50