Hemp Clone

RUST Hemp Clones are a plantable item that players can grow and harvest cloth from. Facepunch added clones and farmable berries in the Mixing Table Update on August 6, 2020.

A Hemp Clone is created by taking a clipping of a Hemp Seed plant already planted by a player and bringing it to the fruiting stage. To create a clipping, hold down the E key while mousing over the plant, and select the cutting option.

Hemp Clones are identical to Hemp Seeds in every way (except having genetics) and can be grown in the ground, in Large Planter Boxes, or in Small Planter Boxes.  Better genetics result in better yield, which will provide more Cloth when harvested.

Item Information
NameHemp Clone
Short Nameclone.hemp
Item DescriptionA clipping of a hemp plant.
Default Stacksize50