Heavy Scientist Suit

Exclusively accessed through the administrative F1 console, the Heavy Scientist Suit is a piece of armor that players can equip that takes the form of a Heavy Scientist, which are seen as part of the Large and Small Oil Rig events.

The heavy scientist suit was added to RUST during the Oil Rig update. While not available to players, it is on full display being donned by its namesake, Heavy Scientists on said Oil Rig.

While sharing the exact same defensive statistics and recycle yield as a common Hazmat Suit, the appearance of the heavy scientist suit is far more intimidating than its in-game cousin.

The scientists that use this item are considerably more fortified than standard oil rig scientists and use different weapons, making them formidable guardians of the Locked Crate at the Oilrig Monuments.

Item Information
NameHeavy Scientist Suit
Short Namescientistsuit_heavy
Item DescriptionA heavy hazmat suit made from radiation resistant rubber.
Default Stacksize1

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