Head Bag

The Head Bag is a bloodied sack containing the head of a defeated foe. When obtained, RUST players can insert the heads into Small or Large Hunting Trophies mounted on walls and display their kills and the counts proudly.

When inspecting the Head Bag, it shows an icon and label of the type of head held inside.

How to get a Head Bag

Head Bags are acquired by harvesting a creature or player corpse with a Skinning Knife, a Base Decor Pack: Frontier DLC-exclusive item. The bag will appear in the player’s inventory on the final harvest strike.

This item does not currently drop from any known crates or NPCs. Upon gathering, it is issued a Head Type for identification purposes.

How to use a Head Bag

Players may insert a Head Bag into an appropriately sized Hunting Trophy currently hung on wall structures in buildings with building privileges. There are both Small and Large Hunting Trophies, so reference which animal type goes into which before creating one.

As a byproduct of this display method, the head type of the Head Bag before insertion will now be displayed on the applicable Hunting Trophy. This can take the shape of a simple animal bust, or in the case of players and scientists, the actual player or scientist’s face, along with their name inscribed below.

Hovering over a Trophy Display (small or large) and pressing E when “Open” appears will result in a small loot container box on the screen. 

Players may drag their desired Head Bag to the open slot. If the contents are of appropriate size, a “Mount” button will appear. If not, a “Non Matching Head” message will appear.

Pressing “Mount” will cause the head to be consumed and displayed proudly, with a counter added to the display for the number of identical Head Bags you’ve inserted. 

Alternatively, press the “Trash Can” icon to remove all Head Bag trophies. Doing so will result in them being lost forever, but a new trophy may now be inserted in their place. 

While a head is actively displayed in a trophy, only those players with building privileges may add or remove trophies.

Small Hunting Trophy inputs

The following Head Bags may be inserted into the Small Hunting Trophy:

  • Chicken
  • Players
  • Scientists (all types)

Large Hunting Trophy inputs

The following Head Bags may be inserted into the Large Hunting Trophy:

Currently, Gingerbread Men, Scarecrows, and Zombies cannot be harvested for Head Bags.

Item Information
NameHead Bag
Short Namehead.bag
Item DescriptionA sack containing the head of a defeated foe. Can be added to trophies.
Default Stacksize1

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