The Handcuffs are a first-of-its-kind binding apparatus, added to RUST in the July 2024 Update. Players can use them on other wounded players to bind their hands in the front. This binding effectively makes incarceration, at least in the concise term, a reality for the player base.

Players can handcuff another player in two different scenarios:

  1. While they are in an incapacitated state on the ground
  2. When a player uses the “friendly” gesture

When a player is handcuffed by either method, any nearby player may choose to pick up the handcuffed incapacitated player, view and loot their inventory, put a Prisoner Hood on them, push them around, or force them to mount a vehicle.

For those players that find themselves handcuffed, there is a small minigame you can play so long as you aren’t being pushed around or taking damage. Hold down the Left Mouse button for 30 seconds to attempt to remove the handcuffs; this triggers the minigame to appear on your screen and, if successful, will allow you to be free from handcuffs and potentially escape captivity. While handcuffed, players cannot use the action command or any offensive items from their hotbar, such as weapons or tools.

Early information on this item’s lootable nature is limited, but it is slated to be added to the Tier 1 Workbench tech tree.

Item Information
Short Namehandcuffs
Item DescriptionHandcuffs
Default Stacksize1

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