Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy is a  consumable prize that players can earn by participating in the Halloween Hunt event in RUST. Players can choose to eat the candy or stockpile it to trade up for better loot.

The item itself looks and functions like a handful of trick-or-treat candy. When eaten, Halloween Candy restores 25 calories and one health. When wielded as ammunition for the Pumpkin Bucket, the two perform as a ranged weapon similar to a very slow Snowball Gun, which instead uses said candies as projectiles.

The collection of these candies during the in-game Halloween Hunt event is essential for winning the daily contest. Halloween Candy may be collected and upgraded into an assortment of loot-containing items.

These bag types contain separate tiers of loot, each increasing in quality with more candy investment.

Item Information
NameHalloween Candy
Short Namehalloween.candy
Item DescriptionSome loose halloween candy Collect 10 to upgrade to a Small Loot Bat!
Default Stacksize1000
Consumable Properties