Gun Powder

Gun Powder is a resource crafting component in RUST used to make ammunition, explosives, and fireworks. It is spawnable via the F1 console and available to craft as a default blueprint by any naked spawning on a beach.

Gun powder is the direct byproduct of combining Charcoal and Sulfur at a tier 1 workbench or higher or a mixing table. As simple as this sounds, it doesn’t fully explain why gun powder is the most sought-after resource that raiders hope to find, short of premade explosives in large quantities.

Crafting gun powder becomes a significant time sink that players will experience as groups begin to make raiding supplies in mass quantities. With the Mixing Table’s introduction to the game, players can automate a considerable portion of this burden. Combining resources in this way also saves considerable amounts of charcoal that could better be used, making extra gun powder later.

In addition to crafting it, gun powder may also be found as loot in mining carts and crates around cave areas. Players can recycle unwanted ammunition into gun powder. 

Regard gun powder as you would your TC and protect it at all costs. Remember that well-guarded gun powder won’t be in the hands of players who might use it against you.

Craftable items that require Gun Powder

Item Information
NameGun Powder
Short Namegunpowder
Item DescriptionMade from Sulfur and Charcoal, a key ingredient of anything that goes bang!
Default Stacksize1000
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level1
Crafting Time2
Crafting Yield10
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item charcoalCharcoal x30
icon of rust item sulfurSulfur x20