Gingerbread Suit

The Gingerbread Suit is a promotional full-body outfit (spawnable via F1 console) usable by players of the Season’s Beatings! 2022 event.  

The suit itself is a direct reskin of the Wetsuit, with all accompanying defensive statistics but without the capacity to have armor worn over it. This also makes it waterproof. Quite beneficial in an area where being wet at night quickly turns deadly.

As far as general appearance, this one will quickly become a RUST admin favorite for scaring the wits from their dutiful server patrons. You appear as a large, sad Gingerbread person, with high resolution modeling to the entirety of the suit, which increases your characters’ overall body size considerably.  Drawn on icing clothing, a frumpy demeanor and heart-shaped buttons round out the look.  Who doesn’t love blue eyebrows.

Item Information
NameGingerbread Suit
Short Namegingerbreadsuit
Item DescriptionA suit made of gingerbread, slightly crunchy.
Default Stacksize1