Ghost Costume

The Ghost Costume is a Halloween Event exclusive cosmetic armor type, available only during the holiday time frame.  It was introduced during the 2020 Halloween event and reappears every year in RUST as an available in-game drop.

Unlike other Halloween costumes such as the Barrel Costume introduced in years past, this novelty has defensive statistics identical to the Hoodie but covers both the chest and head.

Dissimilar to said Hoodie, no other helmet or chest-covering item may be worn to boost these slot statistics. Players may still use boots, leg armor, and leg clothing, as well as gloves when donning this garb.  When the event is live, it is a potential drop from Scarecrows found throughout the world.

When the event is not live, it may only be acquired through administrative F1 spawning.

As far as general appearance, the ghost costume depicts a dark sheet with two eyes cut out and draped over a person’s head admirably.

Item Information
NameGhost Costume
Short Nameghostsheet
Item DescriptionDefinitely not a last minute costume idea.
Default Stacksize1