Garage Door

The RUST Garage Door is one of the most sought-after doorway components in RUST, craftable only after learning the blueprint.

With 600 hit points, the door will take 2 Timed Explosive Charge or 150 Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo to break down. While not as strong as its Armored counterpart, the Garage Door is by far the most used mid-to-endgame door. In addition to boasting considerable defensive stats over the Sheet Metal Double Door, the Garage Door opens more widely and methodically than any other door type, making bases seem less crowded and allowing for increased maneuverability.

Garage Doors are almost solely responsible for the value placed upon Gears throughout the course of a wipe, making them very popular tradeable staples throughout the progression phases. The exponential raid cost increase offered by this simple upgrade is invaluable to all serious base owners. Prioritize this item, either by researching via a research table, or using the tier 2 workbench tech tree system. The Garage Door has a small chance to drop from an assortment of mid-to-high tier crates, as well as from scientists.

The Garage Door occupies a larger double doorway frame opening, making it the logical go-between for sheet metal double doors and armored double doors. While the Garage Door itself can take quite a beating, it is important to note that the door is only as strong as the frame that it is placed on, and only defensive if paired with a Key or Code Lock. Should you place it on a twig frame and that frame is destroyed, so too is the Garage Door.

The Garage Door is frequently skinned with a wide variety of styles to choose from, making it difficult to recognize at a distance at times.

RUST Garage Door Skins

Item Information
NameGarage Door
Short Namewall.frame.garagedoor
Item DescriptionA garage door that rolls up and down.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level2
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x300
RUST GearsGears x2

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