Frankenstein Table

The Frankenstein Table is a deployable RUST item used to craft a rudimentary ‘pet.’ It was first introduced to the community during the Halloween 2021 Event

The table is one of many component materials added to the game to allow players to create their own ‘in-game pet’ Frankenstein monster. Players participating during the Halloween event have the opportunity to kill scarecrows and mummies wandering the assorted biomes of the map for a chance at having one of three types of body parts, separated into Heavy, Medium, and Light, in the hopes of collecting and assembling a complete monster. 

The table looks like something out of an old monster movie–a rusty iron table surrounded by Tesla coils and an ancient control panel. When the correct monster components are added to the table’s inventory, the Tesla coils will electrify and sparkle a bright blue light beside the newly created monster.

Using a Frankenstein Table

To assemble a full Frankenstein monster, players need to gather the aforementioned Frankenstein Head, the Frankenstein Legs, and the Frankenstein Torso to create the heavy (or whichever) tier. Once collected, players must craft a Frankenstein Table at a tier 1 workbench (default blueprint available while the Halloween event is active) and insert the body parts into the table’s inventory. Interestingly, you do not need a matching set of parts to generate a monster, so any legs, torso, and head will do. This leaves some room to try various combinations of parts to develop unique monsters.

Once constructed, holding ‘E’ on the table’s control panel will bring up a pie wheel of options for interacting with the monster. Choosing ‘Wake Frankenstein’ will rotate the table so that the monster can dismount the table and is ready for you to control. Choosing the ‘Sleep’ option will return the monster to the table. From here, you may swap out pieces or disassemble the monster entirely.


Item Information
NameFrankenstein Table
Short Namefrankensteintable
Item DescriptionPlace a monsters head, torso and legs into the table to summon Frankensteins monster.
Default Stacksize1