Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower is a player-crafted raiding item in RUST. This tool/weapon utilizes low-grade fuel as ammunition to emit a frontal cone of indiscriminate flame that will consume anything in its path.

They are renowned for their capacity to destroy base traps such as auto turrets and shotgun traps when the angle presents itself. Their biggest raiding utility apart from traps is their capacity to destroy groups of large solar panels, effectively disabling electrical systems on bases that haven’t upgraded to Wind Turbines

In addition to being used offensively, flame throwers are excellent base defense weapons for temporarily stopping advances into a breach with large areas of fire. Users should be cautioned that the nature of in-game fire is random, and the fire produced can quickly spread to a sizable area relatively fast. 

While not commonly crafted, they can be learned via the research table or by investing significant amounts of Scrap into the tier 2 workbench tech tree. Players may find flame throwers in most mid-to-high tier lootable crates and sometimes as drops from certain scientist types.

We don’t recommend the flame thrower for barbequing raw meat on the floor of your base. Use of this item results in loss of durability until broken.

Item Information
NameFlame Thrower
Short Nameflamethrower
Item DescriptionA Flamethrower. Uses low grade fuel as ammunition.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level2
Crafting Time40
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
RUST Empty Propane TankEmpty Propane Tank x2
RUST Low Grade FuelLow Grade Fuel x100
RUST Metal PipeMetal Pipe x6
image of rust high quality metalHigh Quality Metal x15

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