Festive Double Doorway Garland

The Festive Double Doorway Garland is a seasonal item available during the Season’s Beatings! Event every December. While the single door variation was originally added during the Holiday Season 2017 , the 2021 winter patch brought this larger version to RUST, retroactively being awarded to owners of the collections from seasons prior.

The Festive Double Doorway Garland is guaranteed to spruce up any entryway to your base with a traditional pine and holly wrap, majestically backlit with soft lights and festive streamers.

Once purchased from the RUST Shop or via the steam marketplace, players may craft and deploy these beautiful home decorations anytime throughout the year, regardless of season. They may also be added to any ingame vending machine shop or spawned via F1 console.

The Festive Double Doorway Garland may be recycled for a small amount of cloth and are a smashing early game alternative to electricity-based lighting.

Item Information
NameFestive Double Doorway Garland
Short Namexmas.double.door.garland
Item DescriptionA Festive decoration to spruce up your double doorway during the holidays!
Default Stacksize10
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item clothCloth x25