F1 Grenade

The RUST F1 Grenade (F1) is an endgame raiding (and anti-raiding) tool and explosive weapon in RUST. It is an essential tool for those intending to raid bases where traps are deployed.

Unlike its cousin, the Beancan Grenade, the F1 grenade is a reliable explosive device with a predictable fuse time and no chance of ‘dudding .’ This makes it exceptionally useful when raiding bases with an excess of shotgun or flame traps, turrets, or the like in which players need to break the trap from range in a short timeframe. Likewise, in combat where tossing a grenade might be the clutch play of the day, F1s won’t disappoint.

You can apply an F1 as an auxiliary raiding tool to complement others. For example, when a minimal amount of damage is needed to destroy a wall or door, you may save yourself a Rocket or explosive ammunition using spare F1 grenades.

Players can use Left-Click on their mouse to throw one or Right-Click to stick it to a nearby surface.

F1 grenades may be purchased directly from Bandit Camp at the cost of 8 Scrap each or be researched and crafted via the Tier 2 Workbench tech tree.

RUST F1 Grenade Skins

Item Information
NameF1 Grenade
Short Namegrenade.f1
Item DescriptionReliable explosive device.
Default Stacksize5
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level2
Crafting Time10
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
icon of rust item gunpowderGun Powder x30
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x25