Electric Fuse

The RUST Electric Fuse is an electrical component used at assorted monuments in RUST to allow for the opening of special keycard doors. See our Monument Puzzle Guide for detailed walkthroughs.

Electric fuses are lootable from an assortment of crates and barrels, as well as being dropped by scientists around the map.

Players may recycle them for 20 Scrap, making them one of the best and highest single-item scrap yields available in the game.

While stacking to 10, once used they will begin to show durability loss, eventually breaking and disappearing from the fuse box that they were placed in. Once damaged, they no longer stack with other fuses and occupy an additional pack slot.

Item Information
NameElectric Fuse
Short Namefuse
Item DescriptionAn unreliable electric fuse. Will allow electrical passthrough for a period of time.
Default Stacksize10