Egg Basket

The Egg Basket is a player tool/weapon in RUST and is available as a lootable item during the Easter event every April.

The item itself looks and functions as a handheld basket, complete with beautifully colored eggs with deadly intent. When wielded, it has two primary purposes; a faster collection of the Easter event Painted Eggs and as a ranged weapon similar to a very slow Snowball Gun, which instead uses said painted eggs as projectiles. 

The egg basket is essential for players attempting to win the egg hunt event as it reduces the pickup time to zero. The reduced pickup time enables players to go after more eggs and increases their odds of winning.

Item Information
NameEgg Basket
Short Nameeasterbasket
Item DescriptionAn easter egg basket. Equip to pick up eggs during an easter egg hunt with left click. Use right click to throw
Default Stacksize1