The RUST Drone is an open-world aerial remote monitoring tool added to RUST during the Eye In The Sky Update in March 2023. It was originally added in February 2021 as an in-game representation of the device used in the drone marketplace system.  

Basic drone functionality

The Drone utilizes the RUST CCTV camera coding system to allow those with its unique name to view its field of vision and pilot it. Currently, it requires no fuel source to operate.

Once deployed on a flat surface, players must hold the E key down while looking at the Drone to give it a customizable name for accessing its video feed. Once done, a Computer Station may be used to enter this drone name (case sensitive), allowing for its remote video feed to be monitored. The current range that a drone can travel is 250 meters or just under 2 square map tiles in the distance. As players approach the range threshold, the black-and-white visual will pixelate, increasing until the signal is lost.  

Admins may adjust the maximum drone range, which defaults to 500m, using the command:

  • Drone.maxcontrolrange 

To pilot the Drone, use the following controls:

  • Left Shift – Ascend
  • Left Ctrl – Descent
  • W – Move forward
  • S – Move backward
  • D – Move left
  • A – Move right

Drones currently utilize unidirectionality in conjunction with their video function – the direction you’re facing via mouse turn is the direction that W, A, S, and D keys will be based on. It is advised that when placing a drone for deployment, you do so away from buildings or trees, as they are currently VERY fragile – it requires minimal bumping or strong impact to damage or destroys them completely. Drones do not appear at all impacted by enemy turrets or SAM sites.

Drones do not appear to break over time unless flown out of range and lost or collided with entities.

How to get a drone

The Drone is craftable via the Work Bench Level 2 and costs 500 Scrap to research directly (730 via tech tree). These devices are found in higher-tier crates similar to other tier-2 electrical components.

Item Information
Short Namedrone
Item DescriptionA remote controlled drone operated from the Computer station with a limited range. Easily damaged from impacts.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level2
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x200
RUST CCTV CameraCCTV Camera x1