Dragon Rocket Launcher

The Dragon Rocket Launcher is a weapon in RUST created to celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2024. This item is a reskin of the Rocket Launcher, yet it is a unique item with a custom appearance and identifier. You can buy this item through RUST’s item store, available for a limited time.

The Dragon Rocket Launcher is a beautifully detailed cannon with a red handle and an ornate dragon carved at the end of the barrel. It would make a fine addition to any weapon rack to show off your festive spirit.

Lunar New Year 2024 Items

The Dragon Rocket Launcher is part of a collection of items to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


Item Information
NameDragon Rocket Launcher
Short Namerocket.launcher.dragon
Item DescriptionUnmatched craftsmanship meets devastating firepower.
Default Stacksize1