Dracula Cape

The Dracula Cape is a limited-time offering as part of Facepunch’s Limited Store items with the Halloween Update of 2023. It is only available as a drop from the monsters lurking within the portal dungeons during the Halloween Event.

Dracula’s Cape is a one-off defensive clothing piece, occupying the entire check area, including both the undergarment and over-armor slot. It can be worn with any other item except those occupying either of those slots. It boasts higher-than-average projectile protections for comparable pieces and above-average cold protection. Defensively and practically, it most closely resembles the Snow Jacket in the slots that it occupies and its defenses. It may be recycled for half the crafting cost, yielding 50 pieces of cloth and a single sewing kit.

Concerning its aesthetic qualities, its fashionability is unparalleled. It brings the presentation of a nice undershirt paired with a button-up vest. To ‘cape’ off the ensemble, a high collared black-exterior cloak drapes over the player’s shoulders, adorned with an internal red satin cloth that flows all the way to the back of the player’s calves. Finished off with a medallion straight out of an early horror movie film, players will become the mirror image of Dracula wearing this garb. Be sure to pair it with the Dracula Mask for full effect.

In addition to being an in-game item, the Dracula Cape is also directly spawnable as its own entity type by server administrators from the F1 Console. Despite its namesake, players do not develop fangs or immortality upon equipping it.

Item Information
NameDracula Cape
Short Namedraculacape
Item DescriptionA robustly thick outer garment providing ample protection to the wearer.
Default Stacksize1