Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel is the exclusive resource in RUST that can be used to run the Giant Excavator monument machine, as well as the fuel used to power a number of other monument-specific engines.

While initially solely serving its Excavator-fueling purpose, diesel fuel was more recently expanded in functionality, taking the place of Low Grade Fuel in all Pumpjack and Quarry types as the agent of their automation. When inserted into the fuel hopper of any quarry, pumpjack or the Giant Excavator and engaged, it will power the machine to produce the resource set by the player (excavator) or resource designated by the quarry type until the fuel runs out. One diesel fuel can power the excavator or any quarry for two minutes.  Read more about this in our Quarry Guide.

In the case of the Giant Excavator, in addition to producing the chosen resource, for every five diesel fuel burned in this way, the player is able to call in an airdrop, which provides additional loot benefits to visiting the monument.

Diesel may be purchased directly from the Outpost at the cost of 300 Low-Grade Fuel each or found at the oil rigs, junkyard, water treatment, power plant, military tunnels, airfield or dome monuments.

Check out our giant excavator guide if you are looking for more information about this monument.

Item Information
NameDiesel Fuel
Short Namediesel_barrel
Item DescriptionAppropriate fuel for the excavator
Default Stacksize20

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