Decorative Baubles

Decorative Baubles are a player-deployable decorative base element and are available every December during the Season’s Beatings! event. The baubles can be found in presents. Admins may spawn them anytime during the year via the F1 console.

The item itself is an insert into the Christmas Tree and, as such, has no independent deployable function. There is an entire group of decorations that are inserted in this manner. These items include the following:

When fully decorated, the Christmas tree is a shining example of holiday flair and gives off a soft, warm glow. Each item listed above displays individually on the tree, so having each decoration isn’t necessary to make it appear partially covered.

Item Information
NameDecorative Baubels
Short Namexmas.decoration.baubels
Item DescriptionDecorative Baubels you can hang on your Christmas tree
Default Stacksize1