Cooked Pork

RUST Cooked Pork is an edible item and is a direct byproduct of applying fire (such as a Camp Fire or Barbeque) to a bit of Raw Pork and heating until done. Overcooking will result in Burnt Pork being produced, which is much less beneficial (and appetizing… yuck.)

When consumed, cooked pork will restore 60 calories and 1 hydration, as well as heal the player a tiny amount. The pigs in RUST, while cute, really don’t merit special consideration and should be harvested as time permits. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

For more information on how to get food, check out our Food Guide!

Item Information
NameCooked Pork
Short Namemeat.pork.cooked
Item DescriptionCooked pork, Eating it will restore some health, hunger, and thirst.
Default Stacksize20
Consumable Properties