Confetti Cannon

The Confetti Cannon is a celebratory fun item given to players for a limited time in RUST. This item was added to the game in December of 2023 as part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of RUST as a standalone PC game.

Basic Function

Players with adequate building privileges can place this item on any flat surface around them. It functions as an inverted V-shaped mortar. When looking at the deployed cannon, players are met with a ‘Blast’ function that they can select by pressing the E key. Upon pressing this, a small fuse will light, followed by a swooshing noise, and considerable amounts of confetti will explode before the cannon. The confetti will gently rain down to the ground.

The item takes three damage per blast, with a maximum starting health of 100. Theoretically, it is good for up to 34 blasts with a 5-second cooldown window between them. Confetti Cannons do not damage players or structures in front of the blast path.

How to make a Confetti Cannon

Players can craft a Confetti Cannon at a Tier 1 Workbench.

Item Information
NameConfetti Cannon
Short Nameconfetticannon
Item DescriptionBlast a cloud of birthday themed confetti cheer.
Default Stacksize1

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