Code Lock

The Code Lock is a multipurpose tool in RUST and is available to all players as a default blueprint. The code lock offers a means of locking assorted doors and storage containers for players intending to keep their valuables safe. Groups will upgrade to code locks from key locks ASAP, as the code lock makes it easier for multiple players to pass through locked doors.

Placing a code lock

To access the code lock’s array of functions, a player must first attach it to an entity such as a Garage Door or Tool Cupboard. A distinct blue outline of the lock itself will appear on any entity you intend to lock once you have placed the code lock on your hotbar and chosen the appropriate numerical slot. This is especially important when putting on double doors near rockfaces or cave walls, as incorrectly placing the lock will make that door unlockable and unremovable without admin intervention (it places on one side or the other, and if a rock covers that side, you can’t see it). 

Once placed, players may look directly at the code lock and hold E, displaying a pie wheel of various options. For doors, the options are Close Door, Change Lock Code, or Remove Lock. 

Setting a code

Changing the code will perform two functions. First, the specified code entered will be the primary main code for that door lock until changed or destroyed. Second, it will lock the door indicated by the green light displayed on the code lock changing to red. Holding E will again open the scroll wheel of options, but now the door may only be closed or the code lock unlocked. 

Once unlocked, the door may again be closed or opened, the lock may be removed, and you may add a guest code (this is a different code that ‘friends’ can use to access this entity but are unable to change the main code), you may modify the existing code to something else (don’t forget to re-lock it afterward), or you may re-lock the door with the existing primary code. 

Never type your code in any game chat window, as it may end up in unintended persons’ hands. Storage boxes with code locks added operate the same way, with slight variations to the interface similar to doors but with “Close” simply displaying as “Open.”

Unlike the Key Lock, the code lock uses a 4-digit numerical code which can be put in (or attempted) by any player with a line of sight on the entity it is placed on. When the correct code is entered, players will be allowed access to that door or storage container until the code is changed or the lock is removed from the item. Upon entering the incorrect code, a loud error noise is played, a shocking animation resonates, and the player is dealt minor damage. As of the December 2021 updateplayers are allowed eight failed attempts on any code lock before they cannot try again for a 15-minute period. 

It is the universal understanding in RUST among players and administrators alike that you are responsible for the security of your property, and using lackluster codes such as 1111 or 6969 will not get your possessions back if someone guesses it.


Item Information
NameCode Lock
Short Namelock.code
Item DescriptionAn electronic lock. Locked and unlocked with four-digit code.
Default Stacksize10
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time30
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
Rust Metal FragmentsMetal Fragments x100

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