Cloth is a vital item in RUST, acquired through many in-game methods. Cloth is considered a core resource due to player reliance on using it for standard progression and the sheer number of items that require it for crafting. 

The primary purpose of cloth is its utility for creating early and late-game essentials like Bandages, Medical Syringes, Sleeping Bags, and just about every type of clothing. Experienced players rarely leave their bases without some cloth with them, just in case a quick bandage is needed.

Cloth farming is prevalent now with the recent updates to Farming, especially with Bandit Camp offering 10 Scrap per 80 cloth at one of their vendors. Planting Hemp Seeds into either one of the planter boxes or the ground can increase the plant’s yield well beyond what a natural hemp plant gives.

Players can farm and gather cloth from hemp plants in the wild and through the killing and skinning of animals (and humans). Typically, the larger the animal, the more cloth is yielded from its corpse.

A common tactic for acquiring large amounts of cloth in the early game is purchasing and recycling Tactical Gloves from the Outpost and harvesting their yielded Sewing Kits.

In addition to the above-listed purposes, cloth is also required in the crafting of Low-Grade Fuel and Explosives. It truly is an indispensable part of the Rust experience.

Craftable items that require Cloth

Item Information
Short Namecloth
Item DescriptionCloth from an animal or a Hemp Bush. Used in many clothing items, weapons, and more.
Default Stacksize1000