Clan Table

General Information

Note: This item is still in the experimental stages and is subject to change.

The Clan Table is a stationary object in RUST resembling an office desk that enables players within its proximity to create and manage a clan.

Players can find Clan Tables located at the Bandit Camp and Outpost monuments. 

  • Bandit Camp: The table is beside the staircase leading up to the gambling wheel.
  • Outpost: The table is between the gambling train and Research Table in the barbed wire fence area.

Though not yet fully implemented, admins can spawn a deployable version of the table exclusively through the F1 console.

You can identify a Clan Table simply by its surface. It is uniquely cluttered with tokens, map markers, and gambling housewares. There is a small Tool Cupboard, a few drawers, and a detailed geographical representation of a RUST map.

The Outpost Monument's RUST Clan Table

Clan Table Functionality

The Clan Table sits at the core of the RUST Clan System and operates similarly to a workbench but exclusively for clan management activities. Players must be within close-range proximity, approximately two building block squares, to the Clan Table to access its management functions, which include:

  • Clan Announcements
    • View, create, edit, and delete clan announcements
  • Clan Member’s roster
    • View member names, ranks, and last seen time stamps
    • View, create, edit, and delete Notes on clan members
    • Adding or removing member ranks
  • Clan Invites
    • View member names, recruiter names, and the created date
    • Send and accept clan invites
  • Clan Ranks
    • View, create, edit, and delete Ranks
    • View, create, edit, and delete Rank permissions
    • Increase and decrease the Rank’s position
  • Clan Logs
    • View all clan activity log events and time stamps

Note that all view functions can be performed by Clan members outside the Clan Table’s proximity and without Tool Cupboard permissions.


Item Information
NameClan Table
Short Nameclantable
Item DescriptionA table for managing clans.
Default Stacksize1