Chinese New Year Spear

The Chinese New Year Spear (CNYS) is a weapon in RUST to help celebrate the Lunar New Year. It is a direct reskin of the Wooden Spear and was added as an in-game item during the Lunar New Year of 2024. This spear can be purchased from RUST’s limited-time item store.

As an early-game primitive weapon, it remains relevant as an economic raiding tool, even late into the game. It is a favorite of nakeds everywhere due to its relatively low cost, default blueprint status, and ability to be thrown efficiently.

Despite the weapon description stating that this is a ‘metal’ spear, it has the same attributes and durability as its wooden counterpart.

As a weapon, the CNYS spear does a small amount of damage in average-speed thrusts. 

Lunar New Year 2024 Items

The Chinese New Year Spear is part of a collection of items to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


Item Information
NameChinese new year spear
Short Namespear.cny
Item DescriptionA Chinese new year themed metal spear
Default Stacksize1

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