Chicken Costume

The Chicken Costume is a leg-covering armor piece in RUST and is available for purchase in the limited time item store while available. It probably has the most unique appearance of any item added to date, allowing the wearer to look like they’re riding a charging chicken, complete with faux legs for a saddled look. When players walk while wearing this, it makes a comical squeak noise consistent with that of running in soft rubber booties. This costume is definitely a head-turner as far as clothing options are concerned.

Defensively speaking, it is a direct statistical match to the Wood Armor Pants. As such, any form of underpants, boots, or other such armor applicable to Wood Armor Pants are also wearable with the Chicken Costume. They also boast +1 Egg Vision, aiding players participating in the Easter in-game event.

The item currently isn’t available for purchase or otherwise obtainable. Players on a staging branch server with the necessary permissions can spawn one via the F1 console. We will update this description once the official acquisition method is known.

This item currently recycles into 100 wood and 13 cloth, but is not researchable nor in the crafting menu.

Item Information
NameChicken Costume
Short Namechicken.costume
Item DescriptionAn inflatable chicken costume. Acting as a replacement for wooden pants, you can equip this item to look as silly as possible.
Default Stacksize1

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