CCTV Camera

The CCTV Camera is an electrical and building component that Facepunch included in the CCTV Update on the 5th of March 2020.

The CCTV camera was and still is a component for crafting Auto Turrets.

However, since the update, they are now deployable electrical components turned into live camera feeds.

With the CCTV camera on your hotbar, you can place the camera on most wall surfaces. Once you place the camera, you should then change over to your Wire Tool.

With the wire tool, you will be able to see the CCTV camera’s power input socket. Run power to this socket, then hold the E key down while mousing over the CCTV camera. Ensure that you’ve got 3 power available for the input.

Name the CCTV camera something memorable and activate your Computer Station. In the terminal, you can enter the name of your camera and watch the live surveillance from the comfort of your base.

If you want to make access to that CCTV camera public, you can simply tell other players the name of the channel, and they will be able to watch from their terminals once they plugin the name.

Check out our RUST CCTV camera codes list for more detailed information on how to set up and use CCTV cameras, as well as a full and updated list of CCTV camera codes.

Craftable items that require CCTV Camera

Item Information
NameCCTV Camera
Item DescriptionA CCTV Camera system can be used for realtime surveillance and security around your base when powered and paired with the Computer Station.
Default Stacksize64