Car Key

The Car Key, introduced in the Modular Vehicles Update on July 3rd, 2020, along with car bodies and components which spawn across the map on roadsides and monuments.

Once a player has built a vehicle on the Modular Car Lift, they can use the lift’s menu to create a key for the car.

Whoever is holding the Car Key is the only player permitted to drive that vehicle.

If you lose the key to another player or intend to steal somebody else’s car, there are a handful of ways to get around needing the car key.

Once you damage the vehicle’s modular cockpit down to about 20 percent, the car’s keylock will disappear.

You can also push a car onto a Modular Car Lift and remove the lock from the car lift’s interface.

Item Information
NameCar Key
Short Namecar.key
Item DescriptionA key to a car, created at a vehicle lift. Keep this item safe; if lost you'll be unable to drive the car again!
Default Stacksize1