Candy Cane Club

The Candy Cane Club is a hybrid healing/melee item that players can find in the presents and stockings found during the RUST Christmas event.

While the candy cane club encourages players to ‘smash some faces,’ the candy cane club is a far superior healing item.

Its damage is on par with the Rock and Bone Club, making it essentially useless as a melee weapon. However, if clicked on in the player’s inventory, you can choose to lick the candy cane club for substantial calories, hydration, and a decent heal-over-time buff.

As a bonus to feeding and healing you, licking the candy cane club makes a genuinely disgusting slurping sound, audible to all RUST players nearby.

You can use the candy cane club to gather resources at roughly the same rate as the bone club in a pinch.

As such, it can be worth your while to use the candy cane club instead of your starting Rock. But, since you’ll soon replace the candy cane club with stone tools, you might be better of saving it for a lick.

Item Information
NameCandy Cane Club
Short Namecandycaneclub
Item DescriptionSmash some faces with this large piece of candy
Default Stacksize1
Consumable Properties