Can of Beans

The Can of Beans is found in food crates and ration boxes that players will find while running the roads or cleaning out monument sites and points of interest.

The can of beans provides some of the best calories and hydration in RUST when compared to other food items.

While you can only find these cans at the monuments, you pick them up in pairs. They make for a handy refresher while you’re out farming for scrap.

If you bring the Empty Can of Beans back to base, you can put the empty can in a Camp Fire, Furnace, or Large Furnace to produce a small number of Metal Fragments.

This process can be helpful in the early game before you have much capacity to farm metal nodes.

However, once you have consistent metal production, it is much easier to litter and throw the cans away.

Item Information
NameCan of Beans
Short Namecan.beans
Item DescriptionBeans found as loot. Eating it provides a small boost to health, hunger, and thirst.
Default Stacksize10
Consumable Properties