Cactus Flesh

Cactus Flesh is a harvestable material you can gather from the cacti players can find scattered across the desert biomes.

It is a relatively low-calorie food but provides a substantial amount of hydration, which can significantly impact players in the desert biome.

You will also receive a slight boost to your health over time.

You can only harvest cacti with specific tools. Most notably, any form of Hatchet, Salvaged Hammer, Rock, Combat Knife, or even a Bone Club.

While you can technically also use the Chainsaw to gather on a cactus, you can only get the maximum cactus flesh output from each plant.

  • A large cactus will yield three pieces of cactus flesh, assuming you are using a tool better than a rock or bone club.
  • A medium cactus has a chance to spawn one or two pieces.
  • A small cactus is limited to an 83 % chance to generate even a single cactus flesh.

When hitting a cactus to gather cactus flesh, RUST players need to be careful not to touch or get too close to the cactus, as striking at it may move you close enough to catch the cactus needles and lose precious health.

Item Information
NameCactus Flesh
Short Namecactusflesh
Item DescriptionFlesh of a Cactus, contains water.
Default Stacksize10
Consumable Properties