Burst Module

The RUST Burst Module is a weapon attachment that allows players to modify both their guns’ overall recoil, as well as its rate of fire. Simply put, the burst module will drastically reduce the amount of recoil present when shooting the given weapon (by 20%) but simultaneously reduce the rate of fire to a static 3-bullet burst instead of its default rate. A subsequent trigger pull is required after the final bullet is fired in order to initiate the next burst. You can’t just hold the trigger to fire like a standard gun.

The recoil alteration is best viewed with guns that naturally tend to kick harder when fired, such as the M249, despite it not being applicable to this attachment. The attachment will appeal highly to those players that tend to try to burst fire as a means of more precisely shooting. It takes the guesswork out of this process entirely. One trigger pull, three bullets with the standard (for selected weapon) spray pattern, pause, and fire again.  

Burst Modules are reverse engineered by recycling the Prototype 17 pistol.

There are restrictions on the type of weapon that the burst module may be used. Currently, it is prohibited from use with all sniper-type weapons, all shotguns, as well as both the HMLMG and M249, the Assault Rifle, and both the Python and standard Revolver.

Item Information
NameBurst Module
Short Nameweapon.mod.burstmodule
Item DescriptionForces the weapon to fire in 3 round bursts.
Default Stacksize1

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