Burnt Pork

Burnt Pork is produced by overcooking Raw Pork inside of a Barbeque or a Camp Fire and is an edible item in RUST.

Inside any cooking implement, pork will consume three pieces of Wood to cook. If the Cooked Pork stays on the flame for another six pieces of wood, it will change to burnt pork.

While burnt meat returns some calories, it is still one of the worst sources of calories in RUST.

There are burnt meats for the following:

While eating burnt pork does restore a small portion of health, it does have its detriments.  Burnt meats in general will cause your calorie count to increase but may cause your overall hunger and thirst to decrease if your health is not at 100%. This may seem counterintuitive to the in-game stats of the item, which say that the meat will provide calories. This is because your character uses these stats to restore your health.

You can use burnt meat to recover some of the lost value by using it in a fish trap. See our survival fishing trap guide for details on how to put your waste food to work.

The fishing trap will catch better fish with more calories in it. However, the Composter treats all burnt meats equally. So smaller pieces of charred flesh might find more value in the compost. If you’re new to composting, check out our guide on using the RUST Composter.

Item Information
NameBurnt Pork
Short Namemeat.pork.burned
Item DescriptionThis little piggy has been in the oven for too long.
Default Stacksize20
Consumable Properties