Bunny Onesie

The Bunny Onesie is an Easter event item that players can receive by breaking the Silver Eggs gathered during the seasonal Easter mini-game.

Since the Happy Easter Update, released in April of 2019, Facepunch servers began an Easter event each day-night cycle during the Easter season.

A loud bell will ring, and players will be alerted to the arriving eggs. Players then compete to pick up as many eggs as possible until the timer runs out.

The players with the most eggs will be announced and granted extra prize eggs at the end of each round.

You can upgrade 10 of your Painted Eggs to a Bronze Egg, then 10 Bronzes to a Silver Egg, lastly, 10 Silver eggs to upgrade to Gold Eggs.

Wearing the bunny onesie will make more eggs appear for you during the Easter event. They will also appear to any other players wearing the bunny onesie.

The bunny onesie boasts precisely the same stats as a Hazmat Suit, except for leaving the player’s face, feet, and hands exposed.

You can then place other items in these slots to make a more substantive roaming kit. For example, instead of just a hazmat suit, you can wear the bunny onesie with Boots and a Riot Helmet, or Wolf Headdress and Bandana Mask, to make a formidable mid-tier kit.

Once you have both the bunny onesie and the Bunny Ears equipped, you can see a massive amount of painted eggs, making acquiring both pieces essential to winning the Easter egg hunt mini-game.

Item Information
NameBunny Onesie
Short Nameattire.bunny.onesie
Item DescriptionA Bunny Onesie. Grants additional Egg Vision allowing you to detect more eggs during an Easter egg hunt.
Default Stacksize1

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