Bunny Ears

The Bunny Ears is a RUST Easter event item that players can receive by breaking the Bronze Eggs gathered during the seasonal mini-game.

Ever since the Happy Easter Update in April of 2019, Facepunch servers begin an easter event each day-night cycle during the Easter season. A loud bell will ring, and players will be alerted to the arriving eggs.

Players then compete to pick up as many eggs as possible until the timer runs out. The players with the most eggs will be announced and granted extra prize eggs at the end of each round.

You can upgrade 10 of your Painted Eggs to a bronze egg, then 10 bronzes to a Silver Egg, lastly, 10 silver eggs to upgrade to a Gold Egg.

Wearing the bunny ears will make more eggs appear for you, during the Easter event. They will also appear to any other players wearing bunny ears.

You can get the bunny ears quite early in the competition by cracking the bronze eggs, crafted with 10 painted eggs.

The bunny ears and the Egg Basket are two essential items if you want a chance at winning the daily Easter egg hunt.

As soon as you acquire these two items, it is only worth cracking silver or better eggs.

Item Information
NameBunny Ears
Short Nameattire.bunnyears
Item DescriptionBunny Ears. Grants additional Egg Vision allowing you to detect more eggs during an Easter egg hunt.
Default Stacksize1