Building Plan

The Building Plan is the central base building tool in RUST. Having a building plan equipped gives you access to the building options when holding the mouse’s right-click down.

You can place any of the building shapes into the game world as a twig structure. Twig costs a meager amount of Wood to build but has low health and can break easily.

Once you have selected your building block and where you want to place it, you can see a transparent version of the building block floating where your mouse is pointing.

If it comes up as red or orange, it might mean the item is unplaceable due to the terrain being unsteady, or the structure intersects with rocks or trees.

Find a relatively flat area to build, and when having trouble, try rotating building blocks by using the mouse wheel while the block is selected.

Once the object lights up bright blue, it is ready to place.

You can snap together the base pieces by choosing the next building block you would like and aiming at the corners or edges of the foundations and walls you have already placed.

Facepunch has building restrictions in the system to minimize double walling and other base build exploits. As a result, you might encounter difficulty placing a wall or surface where you want.

For example, a square foundation, and a triangle foundation beside one another at a right angle, will not permit walls to be built on each of the foundations’ closest edges.

After you layout your base footprint and some of the walls in twig, it is a good idea to start upgrading some surfaces and doors with the building Hammer. It is also time to build and place a Tool Cupboard.

Doing so will lock down your building area, allowing you to continue building without risking your residence on the island.

You can place building blocks just about anywhere in RUST, with two exceptions.

  1. Once a player puts down a Tool Cupboard on a foundation, they have effectively locked down a small radius in which only they can build complex structures.
  2. Nor can you build near world monuments or points of interest. These include the streets, dirt roads, and cave entrances of RUST.

If you are in an area that belongs to another player or is too close to an NPC structure, you will see the message ‘Building Blocked’ on the bottom right hand of your screen, and all deployable will appear red and unplaceable.

For more information and next steps, check out our guide on building in RUST.

How to Build in RUST

Item Information
NameBuilding Plan
Short Namebuilding.planner
Item DescriptionA building plan. You can use this to craft buildings - right click when equipped for more options.
Default Stacksize1
Item Crafting Data
Required Workbench Level0
Crafting Time15
Crafting Yield1
Crafting Ingredients
image of rust woodWood x20