Bone Fragments

Players can extract Bone Fragments from the carcass of animals and players using a gathering tool.

Bone fragments are functional in early game Blueprints, such as the Bone Club and the Bone Armor. But they can still be helpful in the later game as materials for the Bone Knife, which is one of the best flesh harvesting tools.

You can also put any excess bone fragments into Bone Arrows. Crafting bone instead of regular arrows will double to preserve your Stone resources, as well as providing easier arrow shots.

You will also want to hang on to a few extra bone fragments so you or a teammate can craft the Xylobone instrument.

Craftable items that require Bone Fragments

Item Information
NameBone Fragments
Short Namebone.fragments
Item DescriptionExtracted from animal carcass. Used as a raw material to make bone weapons and armour.
Default Stacksize1000

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