Blueprints are an item in RUST that contain the details on how to make a particular item deployable or weapon.

Other than the several default blueprints you start the game with, you must acquire a specific blueprint to create all items in RUST.

You can no longer find blueprints globally, and therefore the blueprint economy is entirely controlled by players.

To create a blueprint, you must find or trade for the item you desire, then place the item on a Research Table to see its Scrap cost.

Once you’ve acquired enough scrap, use the research table again to reduce the item down to its blueprint. Reading the blueprint in your inventory will result in you learning how to craft the object, which you can now do at a suitable workbench.

You can also discover blueprints using a workbench to research items on a tech tree path for a set scrap cost per item.

There is a tech tree for each Work Bench Level1, Work Bench Level 2, and Work Bench Level 3, and often there will be unwanted items that you will have to research as you progress down the path.

You can bypass these requirements by simply finding or purchasing the item. You can buy a blueprint from other players or trade blueprints for items or scrap.

Facepunch has made this process significantly more accessible by introducing the Drone Delivery System and RUST Market Place at Bandit Camp and Outpost.

Simply bring the payment for the item, enough scrap to research it, and an extra 20 scrap pieces for the delivery.

Doing it through the drones with the research cost on hand will allow you to receive the item and research it at the Outpost or Bandit Camp, locking it into your blueprint list without putting the thing or blueprint at risk.

Many players are also willing to trade blueprints or simply provide them to players who ask nicely enough.

Ask in the general chat if people are willing to trade, and you’ll often find the item you’re looking for quickly.

Most servers wipe blueprints weekly or fortnightly, though few leave blueprints only for necessary blueprint wipes.

For more in-depth information check out our guide on how to find blueprints:

How to Get Blueprints in RUST

Item Information
Short Nameblueprintbase
Item DescriptionBlueprint
Default Stacksize1000

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